The Project

A project from the past that looks into the future

A treasure of the city which conceals in its interior the true meaning of luxury.

San Bernardo 126 is a symbol of early 20th-century modernist architecture

The work pays homage to the building’s historical heritage and unique nature. Its impeccable facade and decorative elements were preserved with care and respect. This includes the elaborate carpentry and the functioning wooden shutters of the original project. An original project from 1914 in which the grandeur of the architect Julio M. Zapata can still be observed.

Line 42
The building rises over seven floors in height, protecting the traditional flavour of things that truly pertain to capital cities and exude elegance
Solid brick, strong stone, harmonious lines and classic details that are displayed emphatically, accompanied by a complete interior refurbishment placing San Bernardo 126 at the forefront of building.

An extraordinary project in which tradition and modernity are combined in perfect harmony to create a unique space.

An imposing building that retains the splendours of its times, to recover the essence of a luxurious life and turn it into a unique distinguishing feature.

The communal areas take centre stage to offer experiences focused on the leisure and wellbeing of its inhabitants.

An imposing entrance takes you inside San Bernardo 126.
Access takes place through a spacious garage with 37 automated parking spaces and an area for bicycle parking. The basement floor also offers owners one storage room per home.
The roof of the building is transformed into a surprising and welcoming place to experience unparalleled moments in the solarium, the gastrotheque or the wonderful outdoor pool.
High-design facilities offering the highest level of services such as a sauna, Turkish bath or an excellent gym with a terrace, have been devised for the community to come together.