The grandeur of an infinite city

With its haste and its calm, its noise and its silence, its night and its day.

Full of contradictions that please all your senses. Madrid is that city you can never say goodbye to because you know that part of you will always stay there.

To walk in Chamberí is to journey along the history of the capital.

Few districts can claim to have so many attractions in such a small space. Rich in culture, leisure and gastronomy, the atmosphere of Chamberí holds the secret of knowing how to live. A walk surrounded by this traditional and hedonistic atmosphere that makes it so authentic.
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Speckled with thousands of corners bursting with life and admired by all who venture to get to know it, it is a cosmopolitan and romantic area with a personality nurtured by its dazzling surroundings – bars, parks, squares, museums, and renowned buildings.